NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 18:  Justin Bieber performs on NBC's "Today" at NBC's TODAY Show on November 18, 2015 in New York.  (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images)

Did Skrillex Steal This Riff for Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”? Producer Responds to Accusations in New Video

Sometimes, a quick glance at the morning headlines is enough to make you want to bury your computer, hide back under the covers and give the day a big, fat nope. The tragedies.The natural disasters. The comments sections. It’s all too much. In the midst of the brokenness, you scream, “ISN’T THERE ANYTHING GOOD HAPPENING?!”

There hasn’t been a single fatal crash on a US-based commercial passenger airline this entire decade (2010s), which is the longest safety streak since the industry began. —Hermosa06-09

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Look who dropped by @insideenvato HQ in #Melbourne #yoda #respecttheforce #starwars #icons #office

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